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Sunday, 31 March 2020



After several successful episodes since 2012, Lawyers with passion for Rugby rallied together to establish ‘Sri Lanka Lawyers’ Rugby Football Club’ with the accreditation of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka. 

The Annual General Meeting of the club was convened on the 29th January 2020 at the High Court Lawyers’ Lounge at Hulftsdorp. The attendance at this meeting reflected the enthusiasm of the members, particularly of senior counsel in the likes of Mr. Anuja Premaratne, PC and Mr. Kaushalya Nawaratne who rendered much needed advise on the way forward for the club. With adoption of the amendments to its constitution, the club devised their complete strategy and solemn commitment to the game.  

The club was later accredited by the Bar Association of Sri Lanka at the Bar Council Meeting held on the 29th February 2020 when Lawyers Rugby was unanimously adopted.

From the inception of the year, the team has vigorously engaged in weekly practice sessions without fail - covering various fitness regimes and game ploys. Despite the pandemic, the team members have dedicated themselves to 'virtual workouts' in order keep fit and share their progress ensuring that everyone stays fit and motivated.

When civilian life was restated to normalcy after the COVID-19 situation, the club geared forward with presentation of jerseys to the members of the team, setting an example on how we need to get back to work in a different and new environment. Accordingly, the ceremony took place at the Bar Association of Sri Lanka with the participation of Mr. Kalinga Indatissa PC, Mr. Razik Zarook PC, Mr. Shavindra Fernando PC, Mr. Anuja Premaratna PC, Mr. Kaushalya Nawaratne and Mr. Rajeev Amarasooriya.
Marking its territory online, Sri Lanka Lawyers' Rugby Football Club has now launched its Facebook and Instagram pages. Members of the legal fraternity and the supporters of the team can now stay updated on all updates directly from the club.

"Rugby is a game of commitment, teamwork and love. Scrums are tough and powerful. Lineouts make trust and friendships come together. Constant support wherever you are. And when that one person scores a try, the whole team takes the glory."

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